Product and Services End to End Energy Efficiency (4E) Solutions

End to End Energy Efficiency (4E) solutions

Revolving Fund Scheme to provide End to End Energy Efficiency (4 E) Solutions

SIDBI launched the 4E Intervention on the occasion of “World Environment Day” on June 5, 2014 to provide technical backstopping and support MSME clients for reducing their power & fuel cost.

Under this scheme, a mandatory Detailed Energy Audit (DEA) is undertaken by a qualified Energy Auditor/Consultant empanelled with ISTSL at a highly subsidized rate. A Detailed Project Report (DPR) is prepared which again vetted by the qualified Technical Team at SIDBI before submitting them to the respective MSME Units. A provision of financing options ranging between Rs. 10 Lacs - Rs. 1.5 Crores at a highly subsidized rate of interest (8.10 % - 9.90 %) is made available to the MSMEs inorder to implement the suggested Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). Additionally, all possible Implementation Support as well as Monitoring & Verification support may be provided to the MSMEs at no extra cost.


Benefits of 4E Scheme

    • The 4E programme helps MSMEs improve bottom line through energy savings (10-25%), by availing the services of Technical Consultants at a reasonable cost with assurance on the quality of services and assured savings.

    • A back-to-back financing product support is provided with the help of the World Bank to provide loans for EE projects to MSMEs. The term loans are provided at concessional interest rates and on softer terms.

    • Normal Detailed Energy Audit, Implementation support and M&V charges ranges from Rs. 1.5 Lakhs to 2.5 Lakhs. ISTSL offers all services at very high concessional rates for all these services.

        • Rs. 30,000/- plus applicable taxes for micro & small category units(i.e. Rs. 35,400/- inclusive of taxes. Considering GST @18%)
        • Rs. 45,000/- plus applicable taxes for medium category units (i.e. Rs.53,100/- inclusive of taxes. Considering GST @18%)

    • Areas covered under detailed energy audit are all the energy consuming equipment. Recommendations are based on the retrofits in the existing system / new equipment installation / Technology up gradation.

    • ISTSL provides its consultancy services for the implementation of all Energy Conservation Measures mentioned in the Detailed Project Report afterthe Energy Audit conducted by ISTSL for 3 months from the date of Energy Audit.

    • ISTSL also provides its consultancy services in the field of resource efficiency, water audit and renewable energy like solar power generation /solar thermal energy.

    • ISTSL ensures the quality & performance of the audit completely.

    •  Financing for the above projects can be considered by SIDBI under its existing schemes.

    • The Energy Audit is done by empaneled energy audit firm.

    Documents required from each unit for participation under the Scheme:

      • Filled in application form

      • Filled in questionnaire

      • Advance money from the unit as per the application form

      • DIC / SSI / MSME registration certificate / Udyog aadhaar certificate (Any one latest document)

      • GST Details